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Windows on the golf course

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Reasons  to Buy

1. Made to fit your windows  EXACTLY    

2. Easy to install in MIN.  not hours with  normal tools

3. Hinged EASY  to open for cleaning windows with High Wind lock downs

3 Reasons You Need Golf Ball Protective Screens

1.) The Better the view of the Course the More Windows the higher the chances to get hit  

2.) The more active your course the higher percentage of a stray ball hitting your property

3.) The risky possibility of a person getting hit or property damage


We have Provided Golf Ball protective Screens to thousands of homes over 14 years in the US states & Canada -

WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING and design every project to enhance the property values.

Our PROTECTION brings the outdoors in ! Our Unique Golf Ball Textile has anti-glare and UV blocking while offering l easy eye appeal from outside. Our Golf Ball protective panels and enclosures are Light Weight, extremely Strong and easy to Install. We are ion the 6th generation system and the finest that we have ever produced. We can't find any  need to make them better or upgrading necessary. We have reached the Maximum quality possible with the easiest installations and most reliable use possible.


Living on that beautiful golf course is more expensive and safely enjoying your property is most important. Protecting your windows is one aspect , but protecting people is a much greater.

We make you comfortable living on that course and safe from high flying Golf Ball that can hit you, your children or a guest.. we offer protection from those possibilities. We have had customer that Golf balls went through their windows and bounced around inside the house. One just missed a small child.

Others have had ALL their windows broken several times and were ready to move out !

Then they got our Golf Ball Screens. Well that was 11 years ago and Never had a broken window again. ... never had a person close to getting hit by that stray ball. Some have sold their homes and tell us it sells faster and for  more money that neighbors without our  Golf Ball protective screens.

Our Golf Ball Screen are not like any others. Ours are hinged on one side with Stainless Steel storm lock downs on the other side. Powder Coated Frames and Screws coupled with With 15 min. Installations and a 10 Year Warranty your protection , Safety and your living environment will be more enjoyable for many years to come .

Best Part -  maintenance free.

NOW is a good time to get the protection before something happens.

Contact us to find out how to Order yours TODAY


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