Golf Ball Screens  (GBS)  have been a important part of our  primary company - Global Prefab Screen Industries (GPSI)

At GPSI we have been offering Golf Ball Protection since we helped create the High Level Textile

that makes up the Golf Ball Screen some 15 years ago

GPSI has been designing and fabricating custom screen enclosures  for 16 years.

WE have been providing window, porch , and deck Golf Ball protection throughout the USA all this time.

NONE of our customers have ever had a broken window from a golf ball or had one bounce around their Patio.


The demand for our Golf Ball Window protection has EXPLODED along with our Newest generation

of Hinged Window Barriers, caused GPSI to make Golf Ball Screen its own company.

Our High Quality workmanship combined with the latest state of the Art Textiles allows us to think outside the box.

Our customers come to us for help in solving their problems.

We work closely with all customers to assure proper protection while offering added value to their properties.


Golfing Communities have grown expediently  over recent years and

currently there are thousands of community courses in the US.


The Demand and Need for high quality Golf Ball protection on New 

Homes getting windows broken and often,  people wind up in the path of those stray golf ball.

In 2019 the demand caused  Golf Ball Screen, LLC  to redesigning adding features

our state of the art engineered Golf Ball Protective Systems. They have evolved

to  be the easiest to install and cleanest finished appearance we have ever offered.

Our Golf Ball Barriers are  proprietary  & one of a kind system.

We designed many of the components that are custom made for our Golf protective systems


We understand how expensive a broken window becomes along with the

Dangerous potential of a golf ball bouncing around inside your home or patio.

We also understand homeowners have no idea what products or materials are needed to

provide the Long Term Protection.


Most do not realize that there lots of companies trying to jump on the band wagon, have little to no experience.

Often they provide inferior materials and their protection doesn't work. 

We have been providing concept design's along with engineered production and custom fabrications for YEARS.

We work closely with Homeowners , Contractors , Architects, and Engineers every day

to accomplish the finished product.  Our Golf Ball Protection does the job year after year

without maintenance and more important Without Damage.


We provide the prefabricated products including all installation hardware and detailed written & picture instructions

Your Project will be shipped direct from us to your home.

The Cost of Window replacements is Expensive , When you consider the cost and long term

value of our Golf Ball Products you get a huge Value at a very reasonable cost

CALL US TODAY   239-267-0090  Don't Get hit by that ball


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